Headbands and GlamBands
 Hard Head Bands, Head Lace. Hair Clips, Rubber Band Headbands and String Headbands
 Schoods (Scarf /Hoods)
 Sets (tops and bottoms)
 Slippers and Foot wear
                    You choose colors of Pots and flowers! I guarantee she will love these! They never die~!

Missionary Dolls Can be designed to look like your missionary  $22.00

Baptism Gifts
Headbands $10.00 and Dolls $18.00 Each
Polka Dot Boys! $18.oo for set (hat and shirt/onesie) or just $10.00 for Shirt/Onsie

Burlesque Headbands 15.oo and can be made in any color
Necklaces are $22 each. Colors available are as seen above Matching bracelets add $8
Floppy Flower Headbands $10.00 each you choose colors